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MindScribe is on a mission
to help young children tell their stories.


We create talking stuffed animals
to ask kids questions about their 2D & 3D creations.

By creating and sharing their stories,
children grow their skills and their
connections with the world.


And through their stories,
caregivers learn how we can better
support their incredible, individual growth.

Recently, we worked with a 7-year-old collaborator, Mia, to create a children’s book.

Mia chatted with our talking stuffed animal to tell a story about a drawing she had made.

 We then transcribed her story into text and transformed her story into a book for her to share with her school and home.

Next, Mia suggested that we translate MindScribe into Vietnamese so that her four-year-old brother, Khoi, could tell a story in his first language. 

Mia and her mom helped us translate our interaction into Vietnamese, and then Khoi told a story about his Lego creation.

As Khoi grows, he continues to tell stories with MindScribe—in both Vietnamese and English. We support him in expressing his complex, creative ideas in both of his languages.

As Khoi and Mia continued their storytelling, we noticed that they enjoyed setting up props to act out their stories while they interacted with MindScribe.

Here, Khoi uses an abacus to represent a steering wheel in his story called "Rescue Boat."

Mia, too, creates elaborate costumes, props, and scenery to accompany her storytelling. Here, she tells MindScribe a story titled "Rainy Day" while wearing a makeshift poncho and umbrella.

Finally, we love collaborating with families, teachers, therapists, business mentors, designers, and engineers.

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