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There Was Another Storm Coming, Age 4

Okay, so this is the flower growing in the ground.

And that would be the ocean.

Those are like the twisty things that go “zzzt, zzzt, tooka, tooka” like that.

And this is a tree which is growing out of the ground.

And then that is a sunburn.

Oh, because the people will get a sunburn without sunblock.

And there was a really stormy cloud that was coming out of the flower and then it was dead and then it came back alive when it was summertime.

And then there was another storm coming and then it died again.

Because it didn’t have strong enough to keep it up in the storm.

And then there was another storm and the twisty things blewed away.

And then it was summertime and it cam back.

And then it was winter again.

So everything was normal again.

The end.

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