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MindScribe is on a mission
to help young children tell their stories.

We use puppets and talking stuffed animals
to ask kids questions about their 2D & 3D creations.

The MindScribe stuffed animal zebra sits next to our first MindScribe book—"The Girl Who Wanted to Change the Day" by Mia Le and the MindScribe team.

By creating and sharing their stories,
children grow their skills and their
connections with the world.

And through their stories,
caregivers learn how we can better support
their incredible, individual growth.

Recently, we worked with a 7-year-old
collaborator, Mia, to create a children’s book!

Mia chatted with our talking stuffed animal
to tell a story about a drawing she had made.
hypercube We then transcribed her story into text
and transformed her story into a book
for her to share with her school and home.